Finding One's Voice

On Sunday, April 15th two DATA Digital Imaging students were recognized for their photography at the Palm Springs Art Museum's annual Fine Arts Creativity Awards. This year's theme challenged students to dig deep into "Finding One's Voice" with selected works on display at the museum through May 15th.

Photography Collection Council Award

Alejandro Macias

The Point

Digital Image

"I believe that people can find their voice through many different forms of art. Art is a beautiful and creative form of communication, which includes music, painting, dancing, and so much more. Everyone can make an impact with their own unique voice and through the form that serves them best."

Brighty Godakanda Award

Chris Aceves

Random Findings

Digital Photograph Diptych

"This diptych of two images I captured reflect my journey through my local environment. It was a pleasure to stumble upon the three music notes on a random tree stump and the dirt road not traveled by many. The relationship of the two images depicts my unexpected findings from that day."

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