Quarter 3

The Camera 

DA1 Double X  

  • Objective: To superimpose to images using blending modes. 

  • Create 4 combining the following

    • Human + Nature

    • Human + Urban

    • Human + Technology

    • Human + Human

DA2 Selective Coloring

  • Objective: To successfully use layer masking.

  • Create 5 images using a person, place & thing.

DA3 Random Association

  • Objective: To blend image and handwritten text in Photoshop.

  • Create 3 images using words and/or pictures.

DA4 Image and Text

  • Objective: To learn how to add images to text.

  • Create 3: image in text, text at top, and text on side w/vertical type.

DA5 The Upside Down

  • Objective: To creatively alter the normal perspective. 

  • Create 3 unique images using Photoshop. 

ACA Test Prep for Adobe Illustrator CC 2019

Objective: To become proficient using Adobe Illustrator CC19

Create a GMetrix account

Sign up for course code

Complete tutorials and save all work for grading.

  • Watch Intro to IL 

  • DA6 IL Project 2 Nature Path Signage

  • DA7 IL Project 3​ Event Poster

  • DA8 IL Project 4 Coffee App Layout

  • Master Quiz

  • DA9 IL Pen Mastery (Continue in Illustrator CC 2015)

  • DA10 IL Badges (New Course: Illustrator CC 2015)

DA11 IL Project:  

  • Objective: To apply the skills you've learned in Illustrator. 

  • Create 

DATA Hours (30 completed)

ACA Practice Exam (on Gmetrix.net)

ACA IL 2019 Certification Exam (on Certiport.com)

Quarter 4

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