Photoshop Test

Business Card Design

  • Objective: To create a professional design communicating your digital skill(s).

  • Create a 3 color+black CMYK design

Unity Courseware

DATA Hours Check

Semester I Final

Production Bible

  • Complete the production bible located in the Collaboration>Game Design folder

Regionals Preparation

Character Design Packet

  • Objective: To sketch and develop a main character.

  • Complete a Character Design packet to include

    • One page of character sketches

    • One page of 4-View basic skeleton

    • One page of 4-View basic shapes

    • Consider

      • Who your character is.

      • What is their backstory?

      • How will the audience connect to them emotionally?

      • What are they going to do in their "world"?

      • Why would anyone care?

Environment Design

  • Objective: To plan and design a well thought out environment. 

  • Sketch at least one environment in your game. 

  • Render at least 1 image in perspective.

  • Save your work for print: 11x14" at 200 dpi. 

Integrated Project 

  • Objective: Interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Bring awareness to the public by creating a campaign/product

Interface Design

  • Objective: To conceptualize interface of your project. 

  1. Sketch an accurate start screen and separate game play interface.

  2. Render 1 image for each.

  3. Save your work for print at 200 dpi. 


Game Play

Continue developing your game for competition!

Semester II Final

Semester 1
Semester 2
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