The Camera 

Mr. C's Tech Survey 

  • Objective: To survey where you are coming from :)

  • Please take this before starting any assignments.

DA1 Camera Basics

  • Objective: To learn manual settings on a DSLR camera.

  • Complete 2 indoor and 2 outdoor shots.

DA2 Elements of Composition

  • Objective: To learn the elements of good photographic composition.

  • Shoot 5 for each of the 10 elements (50 total).

DA3 Perspective 

  • Objective: To practice various camera angles  

  • Turn in 1 best shot from each of the 7 angles. 

Photoshop Test

  • Objective: To Learn the Photoshop interface.

  • Watch the video, label the study guide, and take the test :)

DA4 Butterfly Effect

  • Objective: Transform an ordinary image into EXTRA-ordinary using symmetry

  • Create 10 images shot for Composition and Perspective. 

DA5 Twins

  • Objective: To use Photoshop's Layer Mask for creative expression

  • Create 3 images using a DSLR on a tripod

DA6 Little People

  • Objective: To combine scale w/creative expression

  • Create a set of 3 images


DA7 Tiny Christos

  • Objective: To use Replace Color in Photoshop

  • Create 3 unique images in the style of the artist Christo.

DA8 Tilt Shift

  • Objective: To use Photoshop's Quick Mask tool

  • Create 3: 1 person, 1 place, and 1 object

DA9 Textured Face  (Shoot in Studio D)

  • Objective: Using blending modes to apply texture to a portrait.

  • Complete one multi-layered image

DA10 Who Am I?  (Shoot in Studio D)

  • Objective: To Combine self-portraits with Text on a Path

  • Create 3: 1 dark background, 1 light background, 1 outdoor

DA11 Invisible

  • Objective: To utilize opacity to create translucency. 

  • Create 5 images that tells a simple story. 

DA12 Stage Name

  • Objective: To edit and reflect text. 

  • Create 3 different .psd images

DA13 Fuse>Photoshop

  • Objective: to create 3d models and composite in Photoshop.

  • Create 3 character scenes using Adobe Fuse + Photoshop

    1. Of yourself and add to your Stage Name .psd​

    2. Of someone in the room and add them to a scene at school.

    3. Free choice. Make it look real!

DA14 Double X   (Shoot in Studio D)

  • Objective: To recreate the double exposure effect

  • Create 3 images using Photoshop Blend Modes.

DA15 Anaglyphs

  • Objective: To create 3d images using Photoshop

  • Create ONE Indoor and ONE Outdoor stereoscopic image


DA16 Photo Retro

  • Objective: Recreate 3 different styles of old school photography using 3 of your best images.

  • Google "retro photoshop tutorials" and apply your 3 favorites.


DA17 Float!

  • Objective: To use fast shutter speed to freeze action

  • Turn in 3 well captured and edited photographs. 


DA18 Random Association

  • Objective: Adding hand written scanned text to positive and negative space

  • Create 3: 1 Random, 1 connected, 1 free choice

DA19 The Upside Down

  • Objective: To creatively alter the normal perspective. 

  • Create 3 unique images using Photoshop. 


  • Objective: To produce creative portraits of Mr. Cauthron using Photoshop. 

  • Create 3 different school appropriate images. 

DA21 Image and Text

  • Objective: To learn how to add images to text.

  • Create 3: image in text, image on top, image on side (w/vertical type)

DA22 Vexel Portrait

  • Objective: To trace the tones of an image using the pen tool.

  • Create 1 detailed image.

DA23 Secret Gallery

  • Objective: To see and create special things that may go unnoticed. 

  • Create 3 images that reveal something secret to the world.

DA24 Master Remake (Senior Final)

Semester 2 Final: Surrealistic Me (Jr/Soph Final)

  • Objective: To demonstrate Photoshop ability through a self-portrait

  • Create 1 detailed Surreal self-portrait.  


  1. Trash ALL FILES on the computer

  2. Empty the Trash!

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