Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Joel Madrigal: Graffitti, Graphics and Game Design

On October 30th, graphic artist Joel Madrigal spoke to DI juniors and seniors about his story and 10+ years working in the print and design industry. Joel's unique perspective began as a self-prescribed "knuckle-head" who was fascinated with tagging and graffiti. After serving some time in corrections, Joel's creativity was re-focused on obtaining a university degree and seeing his work spread across the city in a more professional way. He shared his logo designs, architectural renderings, and broke down artwork for the mobile video game, Stick Ninja Challenge. While speaking to the two advanced classes, he emphasized the importance of paying attention to the details and that learning Adobe design tools can earn you a living and support a  family.

Joel currently works at Valley Reprographics and donates his time to DATA for mock interviews.

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