Thursday, February 26, 2015

Catch it in CV Weekly!

DATA and the upcoming SkillsUSA California state competitions were featured in CV Weekly's Youth and Leadership column. The article was written by DATA mentor and AMFM Festival Director of Education Outreach, Edward Prichard III. In case you missed it in print, you can

> > > view it online here < < < 

Friday, February 13, 2015

A Job Well Designed

DI Junior, Ambriel Styve-Hector did such a wonderful job designing the poster image for the CCHS Theater's fall production, that she was invited to apply her digital illustration abilities to the spring production of Cinderella.

Keep an eye out for her upcoming animated short... 

Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Regionals

The 2015 California Region 6 SkillsUSA leadership and skill competitions were bigger then ever! Cathedral City students upped their game from the past to earn of 16 Gold, 12 Silver, and 12 Bronze medals in 22 different competitive events. A total of 100 students will be advancing to the SkillsUSA California 48th Annual State Leadership and Skill Conference in San Diego April 9th through the 12th, including 15 from Nellie Coffman Middle School and one from the HEAL program.

A huge Congratulations to the following students...

Jan. 24th Leaderships at Granite Hills High School
Quiz Bowl
Gold: Kandace Joven, Nadine Gallegos, Ariana Davis, Sebastian Gomez
Silver: Antonio Arce, Mariafernanda Salazar, Alexis Cruz, Alan Anguiano, Eric Diaz
Bronze: Viviana Martinez, Jennifer Reynoso, Hillary Rivera, Julia de la Torre, Jessica Zacarias

Chapter Display
Gold: Samual Oropeza and Kenia Meza
Silver: Donielle Gerrell, Denys Loaiza, Yolanda Cortez
Bronze: Liza Rojas and Makayla Coor

Promotional Bulletinboard
Gold: Alexis Cruz and Miguel Platero

T-Shirt Design
Bronze: Angela Improm

20 Second Elevator
Gold: Ramon Arcos
Bronze: David Vo

Extemporaneous Speaking
Gold: Mikie Bowman

Gold: Karen Meza
Silver: Citlali Vazquez
Bronze: Shan Vo

Job Demo A
Gold: Michael DeLeon
Silver: Nathan Scarantino
Bronze: Emily Garcia

Occupational Health and Safety
Gold: Irene Barragan, Alan Montoya, Gianfranco Zena

Jan. 31st Skills at UTI and RCC
Gold: Carolina Vazquez
Silver: Manuel Perla
Bronze: Jetzabel Villaescusa

Screen Printing Technology
Silver: Stephanie Suarez

Advertising Design
Silver: Morgan Wash

Graphic Communications
Gold: Eric Cuahuizo
Silver: Jose Arellano
Bronze: Victor Hernandez (NCMS)

3D Visualization
Silver: Jordan Lizalde, Ezequiel Tirado
Bronze: Miguel Platero, Jonas Engleman

Graphic Imaging Sublimation
Gold: Damien Jimenez

Interactive Application and Game Development
Gold: Sebastian Gomez, Jose Bermudez, Salvador Camino
Silver: Sebastian Gonzalez, Juan Marinez, Luis Galindo, Celeste Medina
Bronze: Erick Izunza, Redmyn Lee, Blanca Granados

Digital Cinema Development
Gold: Jebari Wooten, Manuel Aramburo
Bronze: Monico Castaneda, Adrian Fernandez

TV Video Production
Gold: Nathan Scarantino, Myra Castillo (NCMS)
Silver: Hillary Rivera, Julia de la Torre
Bronze: Rebecca Alvarez, Mitaya LaPierre

Audio Radio Production
Gold: Norma Vazquez, Rio Chacon
Silver: Janett Tirado, Rosa I. Rodriguez
Bronze: Miguel Covarrubias, Randy Avina (NCMS)

Broadcast News Production
Gold: Jessie Villareal, Yolanda Cortez, Kimberly Martinez, Andrea Alvarez
Silver: Araly Lopez, Kandace Joven, Louis Saucedo, Nadine Gallegos
Bronze: Daniel Alvarado, Andrew Liza, Nelman Sabillon, Citlaly Alvarez (NCMS)

AME Career Pathway Showcase
Gold: Jocelyn Chicas, Tatianna Miles, Guadalupe Cortez

Crime Scene Investigation
Gold: Simi Chacon, Camille Manalato, Jessica Ramos
Silver: Jose Aguirre, Raymond Garcia, Andrew Russel

.. now the game begins!!!