Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Return to Gnomon (and Beyond!)

In May 2011, DATA made it's first visit to the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. As graduating seniors reflected on experiences in their fours years in the Academy, they frequently mentioned that visiting this specialty school was a true highlight in their high school career.

Three years later, DATA returned to Gnomon with nearly 100 excited 8th and 9th grade students interested in digital arts. Beyond sharing this experience with an entirely new group of students considering careers in the AME industry, this trip was made even more special with an additional stop to visit the space shuttle Endeavor at the California Space Center. 

Especially interesting to students was
  • Seeing an amazing collection of skill sets using a range of animation and software tools
  • Visiting the original site of where Technicolor film processing occurred (RE: Wizard of Oz)
  • A video game arcade as a 'research lab'
  • Seeing how art and design skills can be applied to a high-end career
  • Learning about student summer workshops
  • The materials, cost, and fact that the shuttle was 'Made in California' by hand!

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