Thursday, June 6, 2013

Di Blog Makes EdTech Mag's Honor Roll

More great news! The DATA Di blog was selected as one of EdTech magazine's Must-Read K-12 IT blogs for 2013. The sites "are a mix of voices and include blogs authored by teachers, administrators and technology vendors" that share "real-world classroom experiences, offer inspiration and distribute valuable best practices." 

Monday, June 3, 2013

MyThology | A Global Challenge

"The myths we share provide a common framework for understanding the world around us and help us to construct meaning."

our fourth Student Creative global challenge is now available in print! 

For this year's theme, students from around the world were invited to create artwork based on their own modern myths or a modern version of a classic. The print version of the book is a compilation of many of the students' engagement with their world through this mythological lens. All proceeds go to benefit the Jacaranda School for AIDS orphans in Malawi.

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Radio Production Skills for Kansas City

On May 30th, DATA-SkillsUSA freshmen Sebastian Gomez and Alan Anguiano visited RR Broadcasting in Palm Springs in preparation for SkillsUSA nationals. The two students earned gold medals for California and will be representing CCHS and the Coachella Valley in Audio/Radio Production this June in Kansas City, MO.

During their time at the station they toured with Public Service Director Tiffany Gardner, got feedback on their own production, insight into the process of radio promotions, and sat in with on-air personality Rich "Coach" Gilgallon.
"It was awesome to sit down with Todd and Mike to learn real-world production techniques. We learned how to maintain tone and avoiding peaking. They told us to speak normally, but exaggerated, and to fully get to know a piece before you record it. We also got tips on using effects so our audio stands out."
- Sebastian and Alan

A huge thanks to Tiffany Gardner and 
for providing this opportunity for DATA students!