Monday, April 8, 2013

Inspiration(al) Creativity

Congratulations to Di junior Jarelle Balanzat for winning the 2013 Joe and Pamela Bonino Award for Photographic Creativity from the Palm Springs Art Museum. The annual Fine Arts Creativity Awards and Scholarships was held on Match 16, 2013 at the Museum's Annenberg Theater. This is the 2nd time that DATA Digital Imaging has won this prestigious award in recent years.

Le Parkour
Digital Image

"My name is Jarelle Balanzat, I am a Junior at Cathedral City High School and am part of the Digital Arts Technology Academy. I find it convenient that a digital image can fabricate a new reality and provide an entrirely new level of inspiration from single elements captured in various moments of time.

I built this false reality of image and scanned pencil as an homage to a friend who struggles to go beyond. He is one who enjoys exploring his environment through Parkour, the art of displacement, in hopes of climbing above normality to obtain his dreams. It it is this, too, that I find to be an inspiration."

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