Saturday, January 5, 2013

Digital Domain Artistry

On October 4th, '08 DATA graduate Juan Nuno returned to the Di studio to visit students and share his experience of becoming a 3d environment artist. Juan after completing his Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design at the Art Institute- Inland Empire, landed a job at James Cameron's Digital Domain working as a digital artist creating 3d elements for the video game industry. 

While in the studio, he challenged aspiring Di game designers to a project using low polygons, color theory, original textures, and 3-point lighting. Check out The Pretty Box challenge here.

Notes on becoming a 3D Artist from Juan Nuno
  • Be motivated, doing the minimum never cuts it
  • Take the time to create a good portfolio
  • Visit and learn from 3D Forums (CG Hub, Poly Count, Game Artisans)
  • Network with peers because it really is about "who you know"
  • Find your niche and research it
  • Broaden your ability
  • Drawing and Color Theory are your foundation
  • Know your tools (UDK UT3, Photoshop, Z Brush, 3D Max or Maya, After Effects)

Check out his full portfolio @

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