Thursday, January 3, 2013

Banana Slug Creativity

Home after their first semester at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Banana Slugs Radu Vasilie and Kevin Rodriguez stopped by the Di studio to share a little about the Computer Science major at UCSC.

What can you tell us about the CSi program?
  • Computer science requires working together with a partner towards a common goal
  • Problem solving skills tend to be more important then math knowledge
  • In the 1st Quarter we were already creating basic game concepts
What is it like going to college close to the Silicon Valley?
  • We are regularly visited by Apple, Google, Netflix, Lucas Arts, HP, and Microsoft
  • Seminars are provided where the companies discuss requirements for employment, what to expect, and what they are looking for
  • We learn what to prepare for ahead of time and are granted opportunities to ask questions
What did you learn in DATA that helps you in the program at UCSC?
  • Learning to work together in a collaborative manner
  • The challenges provided by SkillsUSA
  • Being friendly and open to different types of people
  • Having the opportunity to be creative along with the use of technology
What advice can you give current DATA students?
  • CSi opportunities are B I G
  • There are TONS of opportunities for game design, programming, and engineering
  • Housing is expensive and limited, so start looking very early
  • Go for the Cal Grant!
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