Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 Student2Student Recapped

It was a successful first year for the DATA-SkillsUSA Student2Student Mentoring program! Forty plus DATA students provided 12 student-lead workshops to more then 40 middle schoolers after school at both Nellie Coffman and James Workman. Workshop topics covered
    • Photographic composition and perspective
    • Basic editing in iPhoto
    • Working with Adobe Photoshop
    • An introduction to 3d with Cinema 4D
    • An introduction to light painting
"Thank you for teaching us how to use different programs. I enjoyed my time in this club. My favorite part of it all was when we learned how to use Cinema 4D. I know that the skills that I learned will help me in the future."
-Alan A., NCMS SkillsUSA 
Students at both feeder schools were also invited to CCHS for the DATA holiday potluck / karaoke in December and provided certificates of participation by the 2011-12 DATA-SkillsUSA officers in May. There was even a photo featured in the Spring 2012 issue of SkillsUSA magazine!

A very special thank you to the following individuals for helping to make this happen!
Connie Mitchell, NCMS Digital Media Instructor
Kathleen Pape, JWMS Digital Media Instructor
Deborah Applebaum, DATA Counselor
Cami Saliba, DATA Math Teacher
Diana Lamar,  PSUSD Director State and Federal Programs
Cinda Killebrew, NCMS Principal
Brad Sauer, JWMS Principal

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  1. Thanks so much to all the CCHS students who helped! It was so much fun and so interesting! I learned so much from you all! Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Cauthron, you know what I think of you. You are an inspiring role model, for students and teachers alike!