Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PS Art Museum Power

Congratulations to the following two Di students for their work being accepted into the 2012 Fine Arts Creativity exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum! For this year's Valley-wide show, students were asked to investigate the theme of power and how it relates to their daily lives.

The exhibit will will run in the Jorgensen Gallery and Marks Graphics Center through May 20th with an awards show and gallery reception the evening of April 13th from 5:30-8:00 pm.
Kimberlyn Gonzalez
The Birden
"A terrible past can control your life. It is in your memories, thoughts, and can curb your feelings. For most people its very easy to forgive and forget, but for others it is a long road ahead before they stop thinking about they're grim background. For them, it feels like it is literally imprinted into their DNA, and its always going to be there. But sometimes, all you need is someone or something in your life to keep you going.

I'm Kimberlyn Gonzalez and this is a self-portrait. My heart tattoo, on my neck, symbolizes my love of all things art. It sits on the right side of my neck for the right side of your brain is primarily the artistic side. I can always count on art, in all forms, to always be there when I need to pick myself up. It is grown to be a necessity in my life."

Jasmine Mikulak
"On October 16, 1968, the Black Power salute made history. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were the two African Americans who had made this gesture. They did it to represent the unity of their movement. Neither one of them wore shoes. They both wore black socks representing the poverty that the black community faced. It also demonstrated the long walk to equality they were prepared to make.

This photo signifies the power of a race. A race that had to fight for everything they ever wanted. A race that overcame and is prosperous.

Growing up as a mixed-raced child was somewhat of a challenge. I was always told to embrace both my Mexican and African-American heritage. Watching how both the Mexican and African-American races have grown to be powerful in the work force was just one way both races have succeeded. From Cesar Chavez to Barack Obama, these races have shown to be strong and powerful. My name is Jasmine Mikulak and I'm a senior in the Digital Arts Technology Academy at Cathedral City High School."

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