Saturday, March 3, 2012

Digital Graffitti for PhotocolorGraphix

As follow up to our February visit to PhotoColorgraphix in Palm Desert, owners Chas and Sharron Allen extended another amazing opportunity for DATA-Di students. Not only did they help two student teams prepare for the SkillsUSA Chapter Display competition series, but they also offered up an eGraffitti door design challenge. Here they were looking for a compilation of images, thoughts, gimmicks, notes, colors, contrasts, and/or effects that communicated what teens might want to display on their own bedroom doors. The winning image will be printed full scale for the student's door at home as well as act as a showroom display model for the local digital printing company.
"All of the pieces were equally impacting, effective, and deserve acclaim of nearly equal value. Your students have great imaginations, as well as great design and application skills. The winning image was very dynamic and truly fills the answer to what I imagined might be the ultimate result as eGraffitti"
-Chas Allen

Congratulations to Di junior Nancy Zavala for her piece being selected as the winner!

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