Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Comics, Graphics and Animation, Oh My! A Visit with Degaine Designs

On November 8th, 2004 DATA alum Zane DeGaine and his fiance Olivia Scheibe returned to CCHS to share their experiences as graduates of The Kubert School and as professionals artists.

Zane, a comic book artist and graphic designer, always had a passion for drawing and comic books. After entering The Kubert School, this transitioned into a love of storytelling, writing, drawing, and collaboration. While speaking to Di students he emphasized
"studying everything you see" and
"being prepared to speak about yourself and your work"
Now living and freelancing in Los Angeles, his work can be found in the online comic Mondo Atomic and on the set of The Big Bang Theory!

Olivia, a traditional animator originally from New Jersey, grew up loving drawing, sports, and band. She found her passion for animation from watching lots of behind the scenes of movies on DVD. In addition to showing some great examples and discussing her animation process for commercials, she stressed the importance of
"taking advantage of any creative jobs that you can",
"designing characters with basic shapes", and
"the importance of referencing"
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Spot Zane's work on the set of CBS' The Big Bang Theory
Find him on Deviant Art 
Read the Mondo Atomic write up on Wired Magazine
Follow him on Facebook

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