Sunday, March 20, 2011

Float! A global collaborative project for digital arts classes

As part of the 2011 Adobe Education Webinar Series, DATA Di instructor Matt Cauthron joined colleagues Mike Skocko from Valhalla High School (USA) and David Gran from the Shanghai American School (China) in sharing their global collaboration, Float!

Float!, their second project as the Student Creative, brings together classrooms interested in digital arts and photography from various parts of the world. The presentation was held on March 17, 2011 for a global audience of educators via Adobe Connect.


  1. Float let me try something different. While other kids were shooting images of objects and people, I decided to take a different approach and shoot ink droplets in water. The cascading/falling effect the ink made in the water was perfect. It always came out different so every shot was unique.

  2. The float project was kind of hard, because there was so many ways to approach this project. It was a really fun project which made me spend a lot of my time outside. As my project, i took a picture of my uncle while he was riding his bike in a bunker of an abandoned golf course

  3. The Float project caught my attention mainly because whatever picture that was taken had to be in the air. This activity took much time for me to accomplish. Every picture I took had several problems, but the main problems where lighting and shutter speed to capture a perfect floating image. I captured an image of a random teddy bear in the air, I decided to use because it was the perfect light and position in the air.