Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creating Pandora's Box

Di students have been working in collaboration with two 3rd grade classrooms at Rio Vista Elementary to create imagery for a digital book and video based on the Greek myth, Pandora's Box. The book will contain the works of both high school and elementary students and will be made available to view online and in print. The project was inspired by the work of Yeondoo Jung with a focus on making a difference in the lives of others.

Here's how we rolled it out...
  1. DATA sophomore Tyler Burns edited a version of the myth suitable for elementary students.
  2. Di students visited Mr. Bible and Mrs. Molhoeke's Rio Vista classrooms to read the story and create sketches based on the readings.
  3. PSUSD Visual and Performing Arts specialist Louisa Castrodale helped both 3rd grade classrooms create watercolor paintings from the drawings.
  4. After the drawings arrived in the Di studio/classroom, students shot, edited and/or composited their interpretation of the 3rd grader's paintings using Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended.
  5. Di students returned to present their work to the elementary students and teachers discussing their own creative processes. 
    "I was amazed by the excitement and enthusiasm of the two age groups working together on a common creative project. It truly gave Di students an opportunity to help another individual and share their own passion for creating digital art with photography and Photoshop".
    Matt Cauthron
    Digital Imaging Instructor
    Digital Arts Technology Academy


    1. A very special thank you goes out to David Vogel for selecting Pandora's Box as the perfect story for "making a difference".

    2. Creating Pandora's Box was fun! It was really great getting the opportunity to work with kids whom also like art and it was also fun getting the photo shoots together and finding things they drew.

    3. This is a quote by The Nerdy Art Teacher @ http://www.thenerdyteacher.com/2011/10/pandoras-box-cross-curricular-project.html

      "There is so much to love about this project. The fact that students at the high school get to work with 3rd graders is awesome. The creativity level of this project is off the charts. There are so many different aspects that students get to work on, there is a job for everyone. The finished products are something that can be published online for students to see whenever they want. They can share this project with family all over the world. Students get to be engaged in learning in a way they have never been before. This project has the potential to inspire students at a young age to follow their passion in the arts. I could keep going, but I fear I might run out of space on the internet!"