Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Colors of Cathedral City

Congratulations to the following DATA Di students for their work being selected for PSUSD / Cathedral City's 2nd Annual Photography Contest
The theme of this year's show was Colors of Cathedral City

Marissa Lazalde        Pedro Hernandez        Courtney Stump
Silvia Yanez        Moises Murillo        Austyn Moreno

 Emily Reynolds       Jasmine Mikulak          Bianca Sosa
Wesley Duncan        Kimberlyn Gonzalez        Mayra Augilar
Ruby Velasquez        Rachel Soper        Jose De La Cruz

The photographic work of Cathedral City elementary, middle, and high school students will be on display during the LIVEARTS! event on Friday, April 8th at the Mary Pickford Theatre.
The awards ceremony will begin at 7pm!


  1. Although I didn't go to the awards, one of my photographs was submitted into this contest. It is great to see that even my most random work was submitted into this. (:

  2. The Colors for Cathedral City was an amazing opportunity. It really made me realize how much I love Data and how lucky I am too have a program like this in my community. This competition gave me alot of confidence in particular cause it was the first picture that has been posted on the Data blog. I cant wait too feel that feeling again.

  3. One of my photographs was submitted into The Colors for Cathedral City contest, making me feel proud and accomplished. DATA has truly helped me evolve on my photo taking skills and I'm glad I'm in this program. I hope to join more contest next year.