Saturday, December 11, 2010

Visiting Zugara and Zoic Studios

On Dec 6th, 12 Di students, DATA math teacher Cami Saliba and Di instructor Matt Cauthron, had an extremely rare opportunity to visit two ground breaking digital production studios in Culver City, California.
 Zugara - "an Augmented Reality Software Developer dedicated to creating strategy driven software that improves people's everyday lives."

 Zoic Studios - "an Emmy Award-winning visual effects company specializing in visual effects for feature films, episodic television, commercials, video games, advertising design, and interactive online media."

Students were able to sit with studio executives to learn how Augmented Reality and special effects for film and television are designed and produced for specific markets. Exclusive production facility tours, QandA, and educational/career pathways were addressed to ignite student curiousity and the pursuit of potential future goals.

Throughout the tours, students were exposed to advances in hardware and software production pipelines, advanced graphics/multimedia/animation commercial applications, and what the future might look like for individuals looking to enter highly technical creative fields.

A very special thank you goes out to 
- Matt Szymczyk and Hans Forsman at Zugara -
- Loni Peristere at Zoic Studios -
for making this opportunity happen!

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  1. This was my first and only field trip in my years in DATA. I cannot say that I am a "true" student of DATA. Though I take the actual course, I am not part of the DATA class group. Typically I do not have the ability to take time off from school and visit wonderful places such as Zoic and Zugara. Never having been to a studio before, I am thankful for having the chance to meet the professionals behind the cameras.