Friday, December 10, 2010

Shadowing Rock for Isaih

On November 20th, DATA Di student Reymundo Hernandez had the rare opportunity of shadowing photographer Chris Miller at the Rock for Isaih Benefit Concert held on the Blue Moon Ranch in rural Thermal, CA.

Not only did the concert have great local music from musicians of all ages, but it gave to a great cause. The concert was for Isaih Poag, a local two year old boy who was diagnosed with stage three Ependymoma Anaplastica, a rare form of brain cancer. All the proceeds were given to Isaih's family for assistance with their medical needs while at the St. Jude Children's Cancer Research Center.

"It was great working one-on-one with a pro like Chris. The relaxed, yet very low light, environment allowed for plenty of time to get pointers on taking pictures, as well as some good insight on what the career of a photographer is like. I also learned what degrees should be looked into, what equipment to consider, and what kind of jobs are available for aspiring photographers".
-Reymundo Hernandez

For information on Isaih, please visit....
Hope for Isaih
on Facebook

(all proceeds go to the Paog family)

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