Monday, October 11, 2010

Students Assist Desert Photo Lab

For the third consecutive year, DATA Di students assisted AC Patel and his Desert Photo Lab crew during portrait sessions at Cathedral City High School. Over seven days, twenty-five students learned the work flow for handling large volumes of images, working with clients for image selection, shooting and posing for school portraits, techniques for lighting, and the enjoyment of a positive working environment.
"AC taught us about how important it is to be quick and efficient in addition to knowing the technical settings for portrait photography"
                                                    -Spencer McQuinn
"I learned how to stay organized and be productive in a busy environment"
                                             -Caroline Parra
"I learned the process of shooting, managing, and editing your work"
                                      -Aaron Teel
 "I enjoyed working with people to help them select the best possible image"
                                             -Elsa Castaneda
"I really enjoyed focusing on editing images for the CCHS yearbook as well as other schools"
                                                       -Alejandra Covaurrbias

1 comment:

  1. Hi Matt,

    It is a delight to work with students at CCHS, We are happy to help you and support your program .

    Thank you

    A C
    Owner, Desert Photo Lab