Monday, October 25, 2010

Students Design Posters for PSUSD Schools

DATA Di students recently created two new poster designs for Palm Springs USD schools.

The new crest (above) for Cathedral City High School was collaboratively designed by senior Jocael Suarez, 2010 graduate Enrique Silva, and Ms. Haas's advanced art class with Jayke Stump completing the poster layout. The crest concept was implemented by CCHS principal Guillermo Chavez as a new tradition for the school (he's even sporting it as his new Twitter profile!).

The new Matador poster (left) was created by Victor Gonzalez in collaboration with Ms. Valenzuela and Raymond Cree Middle School in Palm Springs. Victor was faced with the challenge of cleaning up the school's low resolution images and preparing them for high res printing.

Both designs were created using Photoshop CS5 and will be sold to students and staff at each school to act as a fundraiser for the newly established DATA Skills USA chapter. One half of the proceeds from the Matador poster will go towards repainting the multipurpose room at Raymond Cree.

Monday, October 11, 2010

DATA Di Shoots El Grito!

On Sunday, October 12th, twenty-five DATA Di students worked collaboratively with Carol Pipitone, President of the Rotary Club of Cathedral City, to photograph the El Grito! event in celebration of Mexican Independence Day.

Di students shot performances throughout the day for the Rotary's website and ran a portrait booth to help raise funds for the DATA-Skills USA student organization.

Teen Docent at PS Art Museum

DATA Di senior Jocael Suarez was one of twenty-three Coachella Valley students chosen this year for the Palm Springs Art Museum's Teen Docent program

Out of the 50 students interviewed, twenty-three were selected for a two week long training at the Museum. 
"It is amazing to have the opportunity to talk to younger students about art and be part of a peer group that shares the same passion." -Jocael Suarez
Teen Docents provide tours to local elementary students at the museum, receive high school credit, and a small stipend for their time.

Students Assist Desert Photo Lab

For the third consecutive year, DATA Di students assisted AC Patel and his Desert Photo Lab crew during portrait sessions at Cathedral City High School. Over seven days, twenty-five students learned the work flow for handling large volumes of images, working with clients for image selection, shooting and posing for school portraits, techniques for lighting, and the enjoyment of a positive working environment.
"AC taught us about how important it is to be quick and efficient in addition to knowing the technical settings for portrait photography"
                                                    -Spencer McQuinn
"I learned how to stay organized and be productive in a busy environment"
                                             -Caroline Parra
"I learned the process of shooting, managing, and editing your work"
                                      -Aaron Teel
 "I enjoyed working with people to help them select the best possible image"
                                             -Elsa Castaneda
"I really enjoyed focusing on editing images for the CCHS yearbook as well as other schools"
                                                       -Alejandra Covaurrbias

Student Portfolios with Flavor

DATA Di students created their 2009 - 10 portfolios with a free service used by design industry professionals from around the world. allows creatives to integrate a range of social media into one single, easy to manage portal.

Di students were able to seamlessly connect their still and video portfolio pieces from Picasa and Vimeo collections to their Flavors sites, developing an ongoing collection of their talents to share with the world.