Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Career Pathways Externship

During the month of April, DATA Digital Imaging instructor Matt Cauthron was fortunate enough to participate in the 2010 Faculty Externship Program sponsored by the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership's Career Pathway Initiative.

"This experience provided me with an insight into the professional careers of local creatives and expanded the curricular possibilities I can offer my students".

"It was amazing to work and assist on architectural shoots in Big Horn and Indian Wells country clubs, learn about lighting and video while shooting Healthy Living TV at the Eisenhower Medical Center, go behind the scenes while shooting a concert at The Show at the Agua Caliente Casino, shoot aerial photography over the 2010 Kraft Nabisco Golf Tournament, and plan student projects in graphic design, photography, and digital media".
-Matt Cauthron, Digital Imaging Instructor

A very special thank you to the following individuals for their support in making this happen!

Chris Miller, Imagine Imagery
Ethan Kaminsky, Kaminsky Productions
Luis Fausto, Synergy Designs
Kim McNulty, CVEP Program Manager
Dr. Diana Verney, PSUSD CTE Coordinator

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