Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fashion | Energy Challenge Connects Students to Pros

On Monday Jan. 11, 2010 at DST Studios in North Palm Springs, 25 DATA digital imaging students had the opportunity to work alongside local professionals and DATA alumni on a real world photography shoot surrounding the concept of fashion | energy.

Students worked with photographers, hair and make up stylists, art direction, and DATA teachers all on one of the largest cyclorama sound and photography stages in southern California.  Dick Taylor, the studio manager, shared the history of the studio and how it has been used for Ford Motor Company's west coast advertising and various other productions.

With in the almost 6,000 square foot studio, students were engaged in three tethered-shooting lighting set ups focusing on clothing from Epidemic Skateshop, the 2010 DATA t-shirt, a 2010 Ford Festiva, and painting with light.

Studio Facility


Art Direction



Make Up
JL Hair and Make Up

DATA Models
Karla Arzate, Sandra Bahena, Jessica Hernandez and Edmund Quintero

Epidemic Models
Alan Everage and Josh Judice

Rey Romero (2009 DATA alumni)

DATA Teachers 
Cami Saliba, Jill Nation, Rose Gonzalez, and Matt Cauthron


  1. I got the opportunity to participate in an epidemic photo shoot. It was the first time I had ever been on a real photo shoot set. Along with being able to take pictures, I also got to be a model for our new DATA shirts, designed by Brandon Aponte.

  2. I felt honor to work with photographers in an actual photo shoot. I learned more about photography.

  3. It was so cool how we got to go through the whole entire process of an actual photoshoot. It suprised me to see how much whent into the whole thing

  4. DST Studios was my favorite experience of this whole entire year. I was greatfull to learn and work with professional photographers and hands on learn how to work in a real studio.

  5. Being able to work with professionals and their equipment motivates students to continue their progress and they gain valuable experience.

  6. This was a fun experience as well I learned allot while there.

  7. This experience was very nice. I saw how a real photo shoot works behind the cameras. it was very fun.

  8. In this studio, I had fun because I had the chance to be part of the painting with light of the car.