Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Introducing the 2010 DATA Tee


The 2010 DATA t-shirt is now out and on the backs of DATA students.  This year's shirt was designed by DATA Di senior Brandon Aponte.
"At the start of the year I never really considered that something I created would get worn by anyone," said Aponte about his work.  "I looked at a lot of different shirt designs before deciding to go with the camera, which I felt was a foundation for a lot of what we do in the DATA program."

Images from the DATA Di Fashion | Energy challenge at DST Studios



  1. Many people tried their hand at making a DATA Tee but only one succeded, Brandon Apante. I made a few designs myself but they didn't make it past the final cut.

  2. Yes! I took A LOT of photos of the data shirts. Its really cool to see them published and everywhere.

  3. I am really proud of my winning design. It means a lot to me that I made something for everyone to wear. I hope my design inspires other students and their future t-shirt designs.