Friday, March 13, 2009

John Lennon Educational Tour Bus


On March 3rd, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus rolled into the Palm Spring Convention Center for the 2009 Computer Using Educators (CUE) Conference. The bus provided students from Palm Springs Unified School District with the opportunity to record music in a high tech rolling music studio that included professional recording tools.
With the assistance of Apple Development Executive Cheryl Lee, 15 Digital Arts Technology Students from Cathedral City High School received a VIP tour Friday from engineer Erik Niewiarowski. Not only did Niewiarowski provide a complete tour of the state-of-the-art technologies, but he also shared his experiences as a professional musician and technician. Niewiarowski also spoke to DATA students about the importance of continuing their education, working in professional media environments, and developing their passion for digital arts.
Some students, including CCHS musician Devin Riddle spent two days on the bus. "I was on the bus with five other students I had never met before, and just a couple of minutes after walking through the doors, we were creating a musical score that was part of a music video that was shown to hundreds of CUE participants later that night," said Riddle, a DATA student and a member of the marching band and jazz band at Cathedral City High School.

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