Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lighting Workshop with Photographer Joel Cummins

During the month of October, Local photographer Joel Cummins provided DATA Di students with a four week lighting workshop.  Students worked with Joel in weekly hands on sessions in the Digital Imaging studio at CCHS emphasizing the following techniques
  • How (Composition+Exposure+Light) works to improve your photography
  • Why camera angles, beyond the neutral angle, are important to consider
  • The differences between hard light and soft light
  • How secondary light defines the subject
  • The benefits of fill light and reflectors
  • How diffusion and reflection effect your subject outdoors
  • How white balance effects the the type of light used on your subject

Immediately following the lighting sessions, students were then challenged by Joel to apply what they learned to the following lighting setups
  • Indoor standard portrait
  • Indoor creative portrait
  • Outdoor portrait
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  1. This was a fantastic workshop. I learned how to use lighting techniques to improve the quality of my photography.

  2. This was a great learning experience for me. I learned many new techniques involved with lighting and different camera angles. It has helped my photography look unique and professional.

  3. Working with joel was an honor. I learned how to work a camera inside out and i know that is extremely beneficial.

  4. When Joel was here he told and showed us a lot of things. For example he showed us that you don't need a man made light like a flash light you can us the sun light. That is a really awesome thing to know.