Monday, November 30, 2009

Kaminsky Productions Kicks Off Light Painting Challenge

On November 2, 2009 thirteen DATA digital imaging students
spent a day learning and shooting with local professional Ethan Kaminsky at Kaminsky Productions.  Students learned about the business of photography, were provided a lighting for creative portraiture challenge, and had the opportunity to kick off the upcoming Paint the World with Light global challenge for high school photography students.

Discussion topics for the day included
  • Ethan's learning experiences in high school and at the Art Center College of Design
  • The type of projects the studio produces
  • The history of the local photography business
  • The various levels of art vs. the business of photography
  • What its like to work in advertising photography
  • Techniques & lighting equipment for creative portriature
  • The effects of the current economy on business ownership
As a follow up to the creative portrait challenge he provided, Ethan graciously critiqued work in the Di studio at CCHS while students presented their completed imagery via the Digital Arts Education Ning.



  1. This trip caught my attention because I learned about different lighting tools. I, also, learned about the healing to and how it is used to deleted blemishes.

  2. When I went to The Kaminsky Studio I didn't really know anything about how lighting affected the picture to make it better or worse. I came back with a better since of how lighting works even though I don't take many photos to begin with.