Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DATA Photography Students Assist Desert Photo Lab


Seventeen DATA photography students worked with photographers from Desert Photo Lab for six days in October photographing Cathedral City High School students and senior portraits.  The hands-on experience taught students about photographing people, lighting, and the professional work flow used by the lab for managing and processing bulk images. 
"I was fascinated by how taking a single portrait involves a team of people to select and process it for a customer." -Jessica Hernandez
"I enjoyed working with the photo management software and learning about how it works to support a photography business." -Thomas Genera
 "I learned the importance of complimenting a person with your camera work and the use of good people skills." -Brenda Magana
 "It was great to get a first hand look into how group portraiture works." -Melissa Wilson
"It was an interesting experience seeing how the images were processed from camera to print." -Brandon Aponte
"It was cool to see how photographers position their subjects to capture emotion." -Anthony Lamb



  1. I was able to participate in this activity. I learned how important the positioning was for the students in the pictures.

  2. Events like this give hands on experience to DATA students