Thursday, April 30, 2009

Digital Arts Education Enriches DATA


The Digital Arts Education, a private social network on Ning, has become a vital Web 2.0 tool for the Digital Arts Technology Academy at Cathedral City High School. Designed as a place for students to display their work and respond critically to other student projects, the DAE Ning has grown beyond its original idea to include a variety of educational items that support Academy students as well as host educational members from around the U.S. and other countries, local CPA community partners, and DATA Alumni. By the end of its first year, this social network has built a community of nearly 200 members, over 1,500 student digital imaging and photography pieces, and nearly 100 video-based pieces.

Educational items
Blogs, discussions, groups, student-created media, photo-casts from field trips, alumni websites, an events calender, links to other DATA sites, and video streams from TED, Science Fridays, and Time Warp. Particularly interesting is the ability to cross-feed slides shows with other schools as as means of demonstrating the creativity of DATA students in digital art.

Educational members
-DATA and PSUSD staff
-Educators from California, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Argentina, and Canada
-Apple Education Development

Community partners
Coachella Valley Economic Partnership, Coachella Valley Green, CBS 2 Studios, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs Unified School District, and James Workman Middle School

DATA Alumni
The Art Institute, College of the Desert, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Northridge, and UC Irvine

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