Thursday, February 26, 2009

Digital Fine Arts Creativity at PS Art Museum


Once again, DATA students have earned their place among the fine arts for their digital work at the Palm Springs Art Museum. This years theme for the show was Expectations: Meet|Exceed|Defy and proved to be a challenge for all those who participated.
Congratulations to the following students for their digital creativity being accepted into 2009 Fine Art Creativity Awards show:

Jessica Smith,
True Identity

Digital Photograph Triptych
"The media projects an unrealistic expectation for girls to be perfect in their appearance. Girls judge themselves by these expectations, feeling frustrated and unattractive. We need to disregard these messages pushed by the media, focusing on who we really are and the natural beauty that is inside."

Jaime Villanueva,
Conquering the Storm

3D Composite Diptych
"My imagination is an ocean of potential, a vast, mysterious fluid mass that fuels my dreams and creativity, something that gives me strength and guidance. But sometimes fear and uncertainty clouds our passions like a storm, hovering over us, telling us we can't dream, but to succeed we must fight and conquer the storm for only then will we see our full potential and surpass expectations."

Gardenia Ramirez,
Lost in the Desert

Digital Image
"This image is about a teenager who is lost in the desert, meeting the expectations of a desert teen. Most people believe that after graduation teens will stay here, maybe attend College of the Desert, and not do anything with their lives. This teen, a talented and creative individual, is my cousin. He is an angel trapped in a Hell of his own accord. This teen, who escaped this desert inferno to pursue artistic endeavors, has returned... fallen, wings disintegrating in the heat of the blistering sun."

Leah Oakes
Digital Photograph

"This photograph is a metaphor for life and the steps we take along the way. These steps are not always level, but often times seem spiraling upward. The shadow on the stairwell emphasizes the blue sky, which are the expectations we face. It takes character and persistence to persevere."

Katie England
Project: Peace

Digital Image

"Not too long ago, someone asked me what I expect from the world in the future. I want the world to be at peace, with no hate in it. However, a perfect Utopia is unreal. But I expect, that with a change inside of our democracy, we may have a chance at finding these specific things that I address in my photograph, “Project: Peace”."