Monday, January 5, 2009

Digital Imaging Students Visit Chagoya's Bordelandia at the PS Art Museum

words by Leah Oakes

On Tuesday, December 16, 37 DATA students and DATA teacher Matt Cauthron visited the Palm Springs Art Museum where students toured the current exhibitions, which included "Borderlandia" by Enrique Chagoya and "Against All Odds" by Keith Herring. Chagoya uses contemporary icons to illustrate the differences between indigenous societies, while Herring's art explores the many themes of life that many people overlook.
During guided tours by adult docents of the museum, students were encouraged to dialogue about the pieces they were viewing.
"The exhibitions at the museum have fueled my passion for photography,” said DATA senior Jessica Smith. “They have also convinced me to re-dedicate myself to my goals. Because of my exposure to the museum over the last couple of years in DATA, I learned to decipher multiple messages that artists place in their work, and how art speaks louder than words."

See the web gallery here!

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