Monday, December 1, 2008

Students Visit The Getty and CSU Northridge

Photo & words
By Leah Oakes

Eighty-five DATA students, grades 10 through 12, DATA teachers Matt Cauthron, Jill Nation, DATA counselor Deborah Applebaum, and CCHS counselor Lacy Fredricks visited California State University Northridge (CSUN) and the J. Paul Getty Museum, Nov. 21st.
“I really liked the CSUN campus and everyone we visited there was really friendly,” said DATA junior Cynthia Reyes. “Everywhere we went, there were people performing. And I really enjoyed the sculptures at the Getty. I had never been to the museum before and I tried to visit every building there to see everything. The view of the gardens and Los Angeles was amazing. The day ended with a beautiful sunset.”
At CSUN, students toured the campus and met with an admissions officer. The students also met with professors in the Art Department. CUSN offers a number of majors that Digital Arts Technology Academy students at CCHS might be interested in including photography, broadcast journalism, graphic design, cinematography, and video/digital art.
Of particular interest to the DATA students at The Getty were “Please Be Seated,” a video installation constructed by Nicole Cohen and “In Focus: The Landscape,” which includes work of more than 25 renowned photographers.
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  1. This field trip was my absolutely my favorite. i enjoyed it so much and became closer with all my fellow DATA students. It was a great experience and i wish i could go back!