Tuesday, September 30, 2008

DATA in 2.0


This year DATA has launched two new exciting Web 2.0 tools for student collaboration: the DATA Wiki and the Digital Arts Education Ning.

On the DATA Wiki you will find Google Calenders, downloadable documents, Diamond Group information, Mentor information, and links to other DATA websites, as well as a list of classroom information and projects for Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Media Literacy, and Contemporary Media.

The Digital Arts Education Ning, a place for digital arts students to converse and display, is a social network specifically for DATA students and alumni. In this invitation only site you will find contest and field trip information, student-centered digital arts groups, photography, video, and communications.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Marks for Student Photo Essay

Hana Wexler, a 2008 Digital Arts Technology Academy graduate from Cathedral City High School, was a runner-up in the "California Through My Eyes" photo essay sponsored by California State University Sacramento.
Wexler's "Blue Sea" photograph, which features the landscape of the Salton and the surrounding mountains in a blue sky dappled with white clouds, was part of a photo essay for her Senior English Digital Arts Class, a class where students are given the opportunity to combine their English and digital arts skills.
You can see Wexler's photo and her accompanying essay at http://www.csus.edu/legischool/photo_contest/2008/4.html


Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome DATA Students


Week 1 for all DATA classes got off to a great start.
All DATA students now have their own custom 4 gig flash drives and lanyards to use in elective and core classes.